Berge Design | Author Services
Book Design, Covers, Imprints, Advertisements, Sell Sheet, Bookmark, Poster
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Book Covers

Your cover has seven seconds on a shelf to catch a reader’s attention and even less online.  Our designs capture your audience so you can tell the story.

Publishing Imprints

Many authors in today’s marketplace are handling all aspects of publishing. We can design an icon to become the face of your publishing business. These imprints can be seen on everything from the spine of your book to the business cards you hand out at events.

Posters, Sell Sheets, Business Cards, Bookmarks

Let us design materials that will help sell your book. Print materials can add a boost to your overall sales strategy. Our marketing designs work together to focus your audience back to the cover design and your story.

Advertisements, Print & Web

From Social Media to Print advertising, we offer advertisements that stand out and showcase your book cover design.