Berge Design | About
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We Are Berge Design

Founded in 2005, we are an established graphic design firm based in Charleston, South Carolina.  We focus on design projects for publishers, authorpreneurs, startups and established businesses. Our creativity, experience and personable demeanor ensure customer satisfaction from start to finish.

Chris Berge

Chris graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design from the University of Georgia. Before locating to Charleston and starting Berge Design, his experience includes graphic design at a publishing house and an art director at a creative firm in Georgia. His favorite aspect of his job is helping individuals and companies create identity and collateral to help them succeed through great design.

Camille Berge
Owner/Project Manager

Camille focuses on overseeing all design projects from start to finish. From initial proposals and communication with the client all the way to delivering finished concepts, she ensures everything is kept running smoothly at Berge Design. Camille graduated from the University of South Carolina with a concentration in business and public relations. After marrying Chris, it seemed only fitting for her to become a part of the team.



Our company is a flexible design studio working with businesses seeking growth and brand awareness. We also focus on authors and the publishing industry, providing all aspects of a book design. We work directly with our clients to fulfill any design needs. Whether it be creating a brand from scratch or a book jacket that stands out, we are here to produce results and exceed all expectations.



Once hired we educate ourselves on our client’s business and marketplace. We also learn as much as we can about the client’s vision. From there we can present concepts in a rough format, selecting one to tailor and develop. Crafting a final design takes hard work and client input, ultimately leading to success for their business.